Aqua Operations provides unparalleled operational experience and expertise for clean, waste water treatment and renewable energy production, whilst ensuring the best solutions for our industrial partners.

We are successfully managing, operating and maintaining numerous operational sites, equipment and processes for our clients, where we study, design, deliver and implement solutions tailored to their specific production needs and management requirements. Our expertise, technologies and commitment to results and performance, guarantee a long-term partnership that adds value to their activities. Aqua Operations do not just operate and maintain sites, this is what we have to do day in, day out. 

It is about how we provide solutions and optimise our clients processes, whether it be providing compliance on problematic sites through process improvement plans, reducing operating costs or minimising capex. Our experience and expertise allow us to determine the correct site specific solutions without any pressure to sell equipment, because we don’t make any. This is where we have developed long term trust, contracts and partnerships based on selecting and demonstrating the right solution for our client every time, something every Aqua Operations employee is proud of. Aqua Operations are striving to grow within the UK water industry where we can provide the same level of expertise to water companies as we have proven within the private industrial sector.

Scope of services range from:

  • 100% accountability of O&M of a site
  • One of projects to enhance existing sites
  • Optimisation of OPEX expenditure
  • Strategic and specialist consultancy service
  • Provide a service which funds, design, build, operate and maintain new assets for sites
  • Welcome the opportunity to work on incentivised models where benefits are shared

Health and safety

Health and safety is our number one priority. Every day we want each employee and those we work with to go home safely.


We have developed health & safety processes which we actively promote across our business and have a strong Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental (HSQE) culture where every job can only be completed if it is safe to do so.


Our vision is to provide a level of performance, expertise and sufficient resources to achieve health, safety and environmental excellence.

Our Team

Team comprising of industry experts in operations, maintenance (E,M&I), optimisation and project management.

Experience of working with numerous large multi-national clients whom have engaged AOL on long term 5 year contracts.