Currently we are operating mainly in the food, beverage, water municipal and energy sectors, but have expanded in to manufacturing with our hard facility management services. Brief details of the sectors can be found below.

Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage Industry is large, diverse, and full of specialized machinery. It’s one of the oldest industries on the planet, but still full of innovation. From new products to higher-volume, lower-cost production techniques, this industry is always looking for new ways to produce the food consumers want at the best possible price. Aqua Operations work in partnership with our clients to ensure that the best practice, innovation and optimisation is driven in their water and ETP plants.


The industrial sector is a segment of the economy made up of businesses that aid other businesses in manufacturing, shipping or producing their products. Aqua have started to make good in roads in to this sector and envisage this sector being the primary one for our Hard Engineering Services, planned maintenance services and optimisation of OPEX costs related to chemical and energy consumption.

Green Energy

The renewable-energy industry is the part of the energy industry focusing on new and appropriate renewable energy technologies. Aqua Operations appreciate the importance of this sector growing to support the environmental / climate needs. Aqua have positioned ourselves to support our clients producing green energy and currently operate and maintain a Gas to grid AD plant which produces enough gas for over 7500 homes. In addition to this we also prov ide a consultancy service to undertake feasibility studies to identify ‘green’ options for our clients energy needs.


Every day, over 50 million household and non-household consumers in England and Wales receive good quality water, sanitation and drainage services. These services are provided by Water and Waste Water companies in England and Wales. Aqua Operations have successfully secured contracts and long-term framework with 3 of these companies. We envisage this part of the business to continue to grow which will give us the opportunity to cross fertilise our learning from the both municipal and industrial sectors.

About Aqua Operations

We are a market disruptor, with a proven track record. The old ways don't work for everyone, everywhere in every situation. We want to find new ways, we often do. Our model works. We’re not a ‘traditional FM company,’ we’re all about solutions. The Aqua Group has a proven track record in the Municipal Water, Gas, Environmental and Industrial Sectors.

We don't look for short term profit. We look to ‘do the right thing’, for the customer and for the environment, in the belief that this will bring about long-term trust and partnerships. These partnerships allow the partners to grow the model together, make it unique to them and this will deliver long term, mutual benefits. This works when we find the right people and companies who share our vision, with expertise that spans numerous industrial sectors to share our best practice. 

We take our responsibility seriously; successfully managing, operating and maintaining numerous assets, equipment and processes for our clients in addition to providing more traditional advice and Consulting models.